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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 25, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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ker 6 live double scan radar will be back in action again tracking another round ever rain coming in tonight. good morning thursday, june 25th, 5:30, matt is off nydia han is here, and matt pellman is here karen rogers is off. david has weather. >> reporter: we'll have sun this morning and later this morning the thicker clouds will ride in, we'll see showers or thunderstorm here or there. we have worries involving down wires. there's a lot of of those that have not been cleaned up, i want to remind you if you encounter any wires they might look dead, but they could reenergize stay away from those and tell your kids the same. 59 in allentown. very cool up north. upper 60s along the boardwalk not a bad morning for the stroll along the boards in sea isle city, ocean city organ -- or ac.
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mild conditions this morning, as we roll through the day, it gets warm, but the dewpoints are not high enough where it will be excessively humid. 72 by 8:00 a.m. noon, 83 degrees, and the high 86 degrees. look out for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. overnight weekend we could have rain and it could be steady. >> reporter: that's not welcome news, welcome news on the mass transit front patco is running on its thursday track work schedule. the wood crest station remains out of service because of pse&g power problems. that station is not available to you. ac rail lines are suspended njt buses cross honoring the tickets. septa is back on time,
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media/elwyn, thorndale paoli as is the norristown high speed line. vine street expressway, overnight construction is out of the way but will resume tonight at 11:00 p.m. with closures. have a crash in cheltenham blocking willow grove avenue stay on station avenue. of course we have so many downed trees and down wires in cherry hill because of downed wires expect delays along 70 eastbound by springdale road where the two right lanes are out of commission. in evesham elmwood road is blocked by route 70. >> developing overnights flames filled the rental office of a bucks county apartment complex of country commons in bensalem. the action cam was there as firefighters managed to get control of the smolders scene
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around 2:30 a.m. crews contained the fire to a rental office and adjoining laundry room no j irs were reported. -- no injuries were reported. thousands are waiting for electric to come back, atlantic city 128 people are waiting to get back online. peco has 66,000 waiting most of them are in delaware county. scot so the is with the storm victims trying to get relief. >> reporter: crews have been working to restore hour and clear roads and trees that have fallen from the storm. shelters have been set up including borough hall brook haven another big shelter is being set up in delaware county today. >> sounded like a freight train. >> reporter: the to remember was intense -- the storm was intense, damage widespread. thousands are without power and
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in brook haven hundreds have come to the shelter at borough hall for food and ice a place to charge their phones. several shelters have opened in delaware county. today ppl mark will open their doors to eat and cool off. >> we're targeting senior citizens and disabled residents all residents are welcome but that was a need we identified. >> reporter: in delaware officials have been in touch with the governor to make sure residents get the necessary resources. crews are working around the clock trying to restore power. >> friday, peco has indicated power will be restored. >> three brook haven residents slept at the shelter last night. officials expect more tore back to for breakfast. well not shut down until the last person has their power
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back. and again more people expected to show up soon, breakfast is being served at 8:00 for brook haven residents who don't have any power for more information on the shelters that are open in delaware county, visit us at we're live in brook haven katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. the other owner of a restaurant in gloucester county plans to toss out their food. the owner said hundreds of pounds of refridge rated chick reveal sauce and more has gone more. >> we're look at 15,000. >> reporter: 15,000 worth of destroyed food. >> it's bad very bad for this type of business. >> bad for the bottom line, the owner owns sal's pizza said he
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is insured but he has to tell his customers the restaurant is closed. we have more at, there's dozens of photos and videos from our "action news" crews and you our viewers send us your photos with the #6abc action. a former band teacher in bucks county will go to prison for a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student. the relationship took place 2 years ago when she taught the child at lenape middle school in doylestown. she'll spend 11 to 23 months in jail. the 31-year-old apologized for the to the child and his family for selfish actions. the delegation for the world meeting of family and the pope's visit in september has a busy day ahead. here's brian taff with more from rome. >> reporter: good morning from home e rome on this final day of
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meeting for the philadelphia delegation before they head back home in preparation for the world meeting of families 94 days from now. lots on deck always they hammer out all the final details. the one meeting today will be between mayor nutter and the mayor of rome. these are both very historic cities they both are expecting enormous crowds. for the mayor of rome it's common to have large crowds coming to the city and move about the city. mayor nutter wants to handle that from a logistics prospective and to be welcoming to all the crowds that are expected to come to philadelphia in september. more details will be worked out we'll be learning more throughout the day and passing it along to you right here. for now in rome, brian taff channel 6 "action news." >> happening today philadelphia set to stand tall on the
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national stage with an incredible maritime display that the city has not seen in 15 years. let's look at the delaware river where the tall ships festival sails into port this afternoon. you can see several the ma -- ma ships have arrived. there will be music and beer gardens and ferris wheel. adam joseph, alicia vitarelli karen rogers and sharrie williams will be there to cover the ships coming up the delaware. >> thank goodness it's happening today and not tuesday. because the rain will be happening later. >> reporter: there could isolated gusty thunderstorms but not until later this evening. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry, as we look outside we have sky 6. the sun is coming up over the
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delaware river the ben franklin bridge and one of the tall ships beneath the bridge right now. 70 degrees currently in philadelphia. the dewpoint in the 50s feel comfortable this morning winds out of the north/northwest at 5 miles per hour. the verdict is in, the national weather service investigators went into east greenwich township determined it's not a tornados it's what we call a macro burst which is a straight lined winds that happens when you're happening a heavy thunderstorm it can push the air at the surface out ahead of the storm. the winds were 85 miles per hour similar similar to a small tornado it lasted between 5 and 20 minutes but it takes 30 seconds for that to cause damage and we had plenty of that across the region.
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still cleaning up trees and wires around. sunshine will give ways to clouds as the day goes on. looks like most of the daytime period will be dry good for viewing the tall ships along the delaware river. later on in the evening, there's a chance of spotty shower or thunderstorm. i think the model might be underselling this a little bit. from philadelphia and south, i would look for the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. temperatures are warm, 72 by 8:00. 81 by 11:00. 81 degrees by 2:00. high of 86. clouds increasing later we with get into the day and evening the better chance had a spotty shower horror thunderstorm. 83 in reading, 85 in trenton. down the shore we'll range from 80 to 82 a pleasant day on the beach. clouds increase, if you hear thunder late in the day or evening head off the beach right away. 69 degrees in the ocean water off atlantic city, the water temperature not too bad for
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swimming, swim near the lifeguards. on the point in cape may 80. about the same rehoboth beach 76 in the mouth of the delaware bay. as we head into friday, an area of low pressure pushing through by the afternoon we expect peeks of sunshine high of 78. unfortunately by saturday another wave of low pressure comes in, we start out cloudy and by the afternoon and evening hours we could see at times what could be a soaking downpour producing rain. 86 is the high, sun and clouds, dry for the parade of sail and then a little damp in parts of the region during the evening. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. morning rain on friday, we get sun returning 78 degrees is your high. i have a friend's whose daughter's wedding i'm going to, it will be for that. rain in the afternoon and evening showers saturday, the 6abc union match, of course is that evening.
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6abc day at ppl park, you want an umbrella and a poncho if you're doing that. clouds and sun 78. a slight chance of a shower or thundershower mainly dry. we warm up next week. >> next a mystery in the heartland. the fbi joins the investigation into the disappearances of 6 women from the same small ohio town. a new jersey family abandons their dream home claiming a stalker is sending them creepy letters. >> reporter: broomall upper darby interchange we're not sailing in gloucester county. >> an owl is rescued from a stinky situation in northwestern pennsylvania. we'll tell you more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look out across atlantic city beautiful sunrise. the we might get rain later this evening. 5:45 and 78 degrees. >> we're excited about the tall ships parade.
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we have some problems with traffic. >> reporter: we have problems in greenwich township, gloucester county we have downed trees and wires where the macro burst struck. route 44 blocked near tomlin road. stick with 295. that's open and clear. although a bunch of ramps connecting 295 with the area are blocked because of downed wires. crown point road at grove avenue you have traffic lights out of commission that's one of many that are not working when you come to a dark set treat itic lieu a stop -- treat it like a stop sign pitman we have down wires closing delsea drive at pitman avenue, use 553 or 651 as the alternates. chester county, 926 is blocked
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stick with pleasant grove wood. wawaset road is shed down locust grove gets you around that. baltimore pike is blocked use 322 to get around that. the route 1 at the pennsylvania turn, nice and dry and clear and smooth sailing. turnpike eastbound watch out for construction past bensalem. >> fbi is working on a profile of a possible serial killer in a small ohio town. 6 women have disappeared from the town of 21,000 people. four of the women's were recovered in creeks or streams. the most recent was found over the weekend. it's unclear if the cases are connected. but the victims life stories are similar they are all woman who had fallen on hard times. two of the victims of the charleston church shootings have been laid to rest, there will be public viewing for clementa
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pinkney. ame renewed their bible study. this was the same class that shooter dylann roof was invited into before allegedly shooting and killing 9 people a week ago. the interim pastor led the group. the message of the session was the power of love. the daughter of with it whitney houston has been moved to hospice care. bobbi kristina brown was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her atlanta area home. in a statement, it is said she is in god's hands now. there's no public comment from her father. and eagle eyed worker at a sewage plant comes to the rescue of a bird of prey. we'll be right back.
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>> an owl until northeastern pennsylvania is on the mend after slipping into the sewage tank. an employee noticed the bird staring back at him from 20 feet. the worker grabbed a pool skimmer and scooped up the owl. it will be released back into the wild by next week. >> a beautiful bird, and beautiful sunrise this morning on this global beatle's day here comes the sun flipped the camera around you can't see the sunrise, a minute agate look beautiful.
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252, traffic is moving fine. media/elwyn regional rail line resuming service. all rail lines are running expect ac rail line. that is halted. >> reporter: temperatures treating us kindly, 50s in the outlying suburbs. center city, 72. across the river in south jest jest -- jersey, 50s and 60s along the boardwalk, not a bad morning for the walk. in the delaware, low to mid 60s. 76 by 9:00 a.m. 86 by noon, the high will be 86 degrees by 3:00 p.m. clouds increase during the day late today and this evening there's a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in a couple of places. most of the daytime period looks dry and not bad viewing weather along the delaware river for the tall ships this afternoon. an armed robber and an
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animal mask is trading in the zebra stripes for prison stripes. police say he confessed to the crime of wearing the mask during hotel holdups. 48-year-old john lee junior is accused of bringing a gun to a school pray ground over the weekend. the defendant told police he was going to talk to kids who were harassing his children. nobody was hurt, lee pleaded not guilty to cargo concealed weapon and gun possession on school property. up next, see how president obama reacted to a heckler in the white house. >> police credit a lifeguard and bystander for safing the life of a -- saving the life of
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a child. we'll tell you what they did.
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>> terrifying letters have forced a new jersey family to flee it's new home. according to the lawsuit filed against the previous owners, the new owners who paid $1.3 million say they are being watched. they received several letters from a mysterious person, they claim the previous owners were aware of the man who called himself a watcher. in the letters, the man asked if they had found anything in the walls. so far no charges have been
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filed. president obama ordered a heckler to be removed from an evert at the white house when the person refused to stop interrupting. >> okay, you know what? no, no no no, no, no, no hey listener you're in my house -- [laughter] >> this is my house! the president just guest at -- gestured to a security official to get the person out of the room. the protester was a transgendered woman who was undocumented demanding the end of lgbt deportation. beyounce will be performing at made in america over the weekend. you can see the entire lineup at tickets go on sail on monday.
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>> queen bee in philadelphia, i love it. for many storm victims it's a day to be in the dark again for a lot of folks. >> whole foods is accused of pulling a fast one on its customers, details on what everybody is talking about when "action news" comes right back.
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, june 25 matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us, here's what's happening. >> hundreds of thousands remain in the dark this morning we're live with where local residents can find relief today. >> the quick


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